Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Routine Baby Appointment

We got a good laugh out of this picture...

Ashley had a routine baby appointment today to check her vitals and measurements.  The doctors are keeping a close eye on the size of Tobias because he seems to be growing pretty rapidly.  Don't quote me, but I believe they said that he is the size of a 36 week old baby rather than the 34 that he should be.
April 3rd we will have an appointment with the doctor to check his progress.  They will do a sonogram at that point and decide how big he is then.  They said that if he is 9 pounds they would take him out the same day as long as he is healthy.  

We are closing on the house on Thursday and getting everything straightened up.  I am so thankful that we are getting everything done this week in case he does happen to come early.  I can barely contain my excitement when I tell people all about Ashley's pregnancy.  Thank god I have this blog or I would probably lose my mind!


  1. o.0 Hope a caesarean isn't in order. I don't know a lot about baby sizes but seeing that he's apparently larger than 2 weeks seems pretty big to me.

  2. @MynameisEarl - I hope that as well. We will know more in 2 weeks so I will keep you updated.