Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Closing On Our House

For those that know, Ashley and I have been living in our new house since December 29th.  We are finally closing on the home tomorrow (March 22nd), the owner was generous enough to let us live there until the closing happened.  I got everything lined up for tomorrow and double checked every detail.  

This has been a huge stress for me because I wanted to close before Tobias comes.  It hasn't felt like that was going to happen and I was getting very nervous.  I am still praying that everything goes off tomorrow without a hitch, but I know that everything will happen the way it was intended.

I may not be posting tomorrow because I will be very busy, but I will be back on Friday for sure as a less stressed man.


  1. Keep at it bro but don't stress yourself out too much! Tobias is still a little baby and he's none the wiser so I don't think he'll be in any way disappointed if you didn't get everything done. :)

  2. @MynameisEarl - Thank you bro! Everything is all taken care of and is finally finished!