Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another Birthday and Another Hospital Visit

Ashley at 33 weeks

So as of Monday (March 12th) I am a year older, clocking in at 26 years old.  I had a great birthday this year, which I really needed.  I got out of work early, Ashley made a fantastic dinner (Steak and Potatoes), and I got presents of course!

I took the day off of blogging for my birthday and then locked out my Google account yesterday, so sorry for not posting.  I am back up and hitting the ground running today. 

Ashley had to pay a visit the emergency room yesterday.  She got a little cold and it led to a nasty ear infection.  The doctor prescribed ear drops and an antibiotic.  She is feeling a little better today, but isn't up to much.

We also got news last night that we will finally be closing on our house next week.  We have been living in the new house since December waiting for the closing.  That will be one less thing to stress about and we will be all settled down for Tobias.


  1. I hope the infection doesn't affect the pregnancy, god forbid. Still, less that 50 days from my count, or maybe more - who knows?

    Seriously man, good luck.

  2. @MynameisEarl - About 48 days left! They said that the infection shouldn't affect the pregnancy because she went to the doctor so quickly.