Friday, March 9, 2012

It's Friday!

Don't worry I won't be playing any Rebecca Black for my readers, I'm not that cruel.  Friday is by far my favorite day of the week, it means that I will have 2 days to spend with my friends and family.  Weekends are huge for Ashley and I, because we can't spend a whole lot of time together during the week.  Ashley has been busy organizing the house and getting everything set and I would like to be able to help her with that.  My birthday is Monday and we will probably celebrate it this weekend.

This wait is killing me though, 54 more days (assuming he comes on his due date) and I don't feel like I could wait 1 more day.  Everyday I wonder what he is going to look like, how he is going to act, and if he is going to love me from the start.  I'm nervous, excited, and impatient all at the same time.  My weight loss is motivated by him ( and I want him to meet me when I am in shape.  I know he won't remember, but I will.

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