Monday, March 19, 2012

Nesting Is Upon Us and I'm Not Talking About Birds!

Just as an update, Ashley's ER visit on Friday was nothing serious.  It was just some issues that showed up from the previous night's exam.  Other than her ear infection, everything is okay.

Ashley's "Nesting Instinct" has kicked in and she wants all of the household chores done and everything cleaned.  We had some friends over on Saturday and they brought their daughter.  We watched as she tore through the house, showing us everything that wasn't "baby proof."  After they left, Ashley started talking about how she wanted to spend Sunday getting everything straightened out.  My friend Matt offered to come over and help us tackle some projects.

Projector finally mounted on the ceiling

The picture above is our projector in the living room that has been a big point of interest for Ashley.  Previously it was sitting on a table in the middle of our living room with cables run across the floor to it.  Every time someone would walk in the living room the picture would move and lose signal.  I ordered a mount from  (My favorite website) and Matt went through the process of mounting it securely to the ceiling.  We then adjusted it and made new cables to run through the basement and then up the walls to the projector.  As you can see in the pictures the wires are still just draped, but we will be getting conduit next weekend.  Matt also took it upon himself to mount up all of our surround sound speakers which is something I never got around to.
Projector "screen" with Ashley for reference
After Matt left Ashley started to organize the cupboards and pantry in the kitchen while doing laundry.  We aren't done yet, but we are certainly getting there!  We will get the inside of the house cleaned up throughout the week and then we plan on cleaning the exterior of the house next weekend.

 Gizmo is loving the weather

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