Thursday, April 12, 2012

Welcome Tobias Edward Thornton

Tobias Edward at birth

Tobias Edward Thornton was born yesterday (April 11th, 2012) at 4:44 PM at Hamot Women's Hospital.  He weighed in at 7lbs 4oz.  He was born via C Section.  I was later told that the number 444 indicates the presence of angels, which is very fitting with his religious name.

Tobias wrapped up in the NICU

During the C Section some complications were encountered and Tobias' lungs filled up with amniotic fluid.  He was admitted to the NICU for monitoring because he was straining to breathe.  After 4 hours they admitted him and will monitor him closely for at least 48 hours.  Due to the complications with the surgery Ashley was not able to see or hold him after the C Section.
Ashley holding Tobias for the first time
 Mommy and baby again
A few hours after giving birth, we were able to get Ashley stable and wheeled down to the NICU.  The tension in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife, nobody was quite sure how mommy would react.  As the nurses rolled Ashley's bed up next to Tobias, you could feel how happy Ashley was and we didn't think she could be any happier.  She was forewarned that she would not be able to hold Tobias and was only allowed to ask once.  If the NICU staff said no, she wasn't to complain or ask again.  Before mommy had a chance to even ask, Lisa the NICU nurse at the time, offered to let Ashley hold Tobias.  Ashley cried tears of joy and was the happiest person that she has ever been.  Even though he was hooked up to the monitors and they had to hold oxygen to his face, she didn't notice anything other than how amazing he is.
Around 3 AM last night, the NICU staff took Tobias off of oxygen and he was maintaining good oxygen levels on his own.  First thing this morning at 9:30 AM the nurses took Ashley down to the NICU and she has been down there ever since.  Around noon the staff put Tobias into a "big boy bed".  I stopped in on lunch break and got to hold him for awhile.  As I was leaving Ashley started to breastfeed Tobias for the first time.
A special thank you goes out to everyone that visited Ashley at the hospital, those that brought gifts, and everyone that offered to help in anyone.  A friend of ours, Katie, even stopped by our house and started cleaning it for us and taking care of Gizmo.

I will keep you all updated as things progress, below are some videos of our experiences.

Tobias Edward Thornton Enters the World
Ashley Hold Tobias for the Very First Time - Part 1

Ashley Hold Tobias for the Very First Time - Part 2


  1. I have no words for you buddy except for "CONTRATULATIONS!"

    Getting a caesarean is always fraught with complications because it isn't natural and apparently the baby won't develop some resistances for quite some time, maybe never. But nevertheless, he is safe, Ashley's safe, friends and family can meet a new member and you've got one more mouth to feed. ;)