Friday, April 20, 2012

Picture Time!

Tobias ended up coming home on Monday because they wanted to keep an eye on him for one more day.  Now that we have him home we all feel so much better.  Ashley is healing up pretty well, but is sleeping so much better now that we are in our own bed.  Tobias sleeps so well and barely ever cries.  Gizmo absolutely loves Tobias and would protect him with all 9 lives.  Daddy got to relax quite a bit, but still got to feed Tobias and change him throughout the week.  A lot of cuddling was done and a lot of laughs were shared.  However, daddy is now back to work and misses his family very much!  I figured you guys would all like to see pictures and it will help me to not miss him so much, so without further ado here we go!

Tobias in his car seat, he loves to suck on the monkeys

Tobias break dancing in his bassinet

Tobias crying after his first bath at home

Tobias' little feet

Tobias praying

Ashley's hospital picture, see the resemblance?

Mommy and baby exhausted after a long day

Father and son

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