Monday, April 2, 2012

Big Day Tomorrow!

"Pregnant and I Know It"

I saw this video on YouTube and sent it to Ashley a few days ago, she loves the video and it cracks her up.  Tomorrow is the big day, it is Ashley's 36 week appointment.  This is the last time we will see baby Tobias before he is born.  It is also the mark of the last month of pregnancy.  
Basically, they will be measuring the baby to see how big he is tomorrow.  They will also be doing a sonogram and taking mommy's vitals.  I am really glad that I am able to go to this appointment and I am so excited I can barely contain myself!


  1. Is it that time already?! Is Tobias ready for releasing? If so then, man how time flies, are you keeping up with your exercise regimen like you are? Tobias should have a fit role-model to aspire to, I wonder who that COULD be?

    Loved the video man, still kinda weird looking at the baby bump on the video.

    1. It is that time already. I am so excited. I am keeping up with the exercise regimen, my "skinny jeans" now require a belt! I can't wait to be my son's role model, that just sounds so nice.

      The video was kind of weird, but I'm used to seeing a baby bump every day!