Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Very Special Appointment

 Tobias Edward side-view 29 weeks 6 days

Yesterday was a very special appointment for a few reasons.  Ashley went through a Glucose test, which we will receive the results of within a few days.  We got to see our baby boy again, it seems like it has been too long since I have had the chance to see him.

 Tobias Edward 4D face 29 weeks 6 days

What made the appointment really special is that Judy, Ashley's grandmother, was able to come to the appointment and see the sonogram.  Just a little background, Ashley's grandparents raised her from a child and she looks at them like her parents.  Ashley's grandmother (Judy) was never able to have kids of her own, so we found it only fitting to let her be involved in the process of Ashley's pregnancy.
 Tobias Edward 4D face 29 weeks 6 days

Judy had quite a few questions for the ultrasound technician, which is quite usual for Judy, but that's why we love her!  Just to see her expressions and interest towards the procedure was a wonderful miracle in and of itself.
 Tobias Edward 4D face 29 weeks 6 days

The ultrasound technician offered to put the pictures on a CD for us, so that we can share them with the world.  Ashley is feeling good and is very excited about sharing the sonogram pictures as well.


  1. Good for you. And for Judy.
    3D sonogram is impressive... It's your baby you're seeing right here.

  2. I know it is amazing to see him moving in real time. I can only imagine where medical technology will take us next!