Monday, February 27, 2012

Baby Shower

Ashley's baby shower is coming up quickly.  It is next Sunday at a local church.  Everyone is scrambling to get everything ready for her big day and she couldn't be more excited.  I hope that everything goes off without a hitch, which I'm sure it will as she has a lot of great people helping her.

I decorated Tobias' room over the weekend, I will try to post pictures tomorrow.  We put up jungle animal wall appliques and put his name in wooden letters over the window.  It is starting to shape up into a pretty neat looking nursery. 

Yesterday, I spent time with my niece (Brooklyn) at a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party.  It made me feel really good that she told all of her friends that Uncle Ryan is the best at getting tickets.  She went into the ticket blaster and came out with 1,100 tickets, which had her pretty excited.  I helped her win a few hundred more and she got a huge ball to play with this summer.

I've said it before and I will say it again, I can't wait any longer to meet my son.  I am so excited to become a father and be a proud one at that!


  1. I haven't been to a baby shower in a long while, trying to reminisce how that feels again.

    Just by reading your blog posts show me that you're going to be a lovely father (not DAD but FATHER). Most of my uncles would rather not talk much about their new kids, and I respect that but still. Putting up a blog about your son-to-be is alright in my book.

    Wish I could join you buddy, but I'm a long ways away. :(


  2. Thank you for the kind words Erl! I hope that you are right, about me being a lovely father. I know I will try my hardest!