Friday, February 17, 2012

Crib Set

 Changing table



We received this furniture set as an early baby shower gift.  I believe it is from Walmart, if anyone wants to know I can get the full details.  It was very easy to follow the directions and assemble everything, not that I would know because Ashley proudly built everything while I was at work.  Sorry about the mess in the one picture, we were just moving into to our house.  One word of warning, she had to disassemble the crib because she built it in the family room.  It was too wide to fit through the nursery door.


  1. The crib could use a bit of a paint job (just saying). But hey, it's your kid - raise him well :)

    Lol, didn't see Gizmo there with his eyes there.

  2. The crib doesn't match the house too well, we have very light woodwork and it is very dark. I've thought about painting it, but she doesn't want me to because it is brand new.

    I didn't even notice Gizmo in there, he is however sitting in front of my monitor as I type.